Decorating your Hard Landscaped Garden

When planning your garden,  it is is paramount that you ensure your garden ornaments, chairs and attractions work in harmony with the existing environment.  Care should be given to the treatment of garden chairs and tables,  preparing them for the cold and wintery months, ensuring they survive for years to come.

Knowing what plants will grow in your soil is another key consideration to make. These plants depend on the acidic content of the soil you currently have. Most garden centres will sell you a pH testing kit and from this you can determine what your options are.  Typically,  highly acidic soil let’s you plant rhododendrons or witch hazel, whereas soil that is more alkaline favours lilacs and cabbages.

When it comes to deciding on the materials to pave your garden with,  often the team you’ve contracted will offer some advice on what materials to use.  With that in mind,  consider the impact that sourcing stones outside of the UK can have.  From an ethical standpoint,  developing countries may have outsourced the materials through unethical means,  such as labour exploitation.  Another point to consider is the impact the material can have upon the rest of the plant life in your garden.

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